The Pizza Bag – a round leather bag to carry your pizza

round leather bag

Ok, that’s not true. The bag was not designed to put a pizza in it. The bag was designed for you, whoever you are. If you like the shape, the materials, the luxury finish and you would like to show your fashion sense in a relatively understated way.. This round bag was designed for you. It doesn’t scream “look at me I am an insanely expensive designer bag with diamonds and made of alligator leather”, it just simply says “hi, I am a pretty gorgeous bag, I am well made and I will be your partner in crime for quite some time, you may even want to give me to your children when they turn twentyfashion”.


All good things come in circles, and so does this Pizza Bag. The medium version is big enough to carry your laptop. Okay, maybe not if you have Dell or a huge Acer, but if you have a slim one like a Apple or just a notepad or something.. it works fine. Even the Mini Pizza Bag carries more than you would think. It can easily fit a wallet, Iphone 6 with huge Moschino cover, make up, keys, bike lights, a muesli bar, etc. But if you have any questions regarding the circled bag practical uses, please feel free to shoot us an e-mail! xoxo