Korden – The luxury cord for your sunglasses

Sunglasses are an “essential” for many, it’s that accessory that can finish your look. A pair of good sunglasses, which offers protection against sun, UV-rays, looking people in the eye, and showing your eyes after a heavy night, are in most cases an investment. A practical way to carry around your sunglasses is with a sunglass cord, but rarely are these fashionable or luxurious.

Van der Borne introduces ‘Korden’, the practical sunglass cords that made into a high-end fashion accessory. We look at detail and quality, and tried to make the practical cords for your sunglasses more wearable for the fashionable people among us. Van der Borne redesigned the classical sunglass cord and made it more luxurious with the usage of high quality metals and leather. VdB’s Korden, will hopefully drastically improve your practical experience by making it hard to lose your sunnies while looking the part.